DANCE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

DANCE OFF!!!!!! 

So you think you can dance……prove it! by participating in the “THE FEELIN’ MYSELF DANCE OFF”!

Hey everbody. I am hosting an online dance competition for my song “feelin’ myself” I want everybody who is reading this to make a video dancing to the song. Individual or group. Professional or amature. Dosen’t matter which part or how well you can dance, or how you dance, just make a video. The more creative the better! The best video will be featured in a montage video for the song and the best dancers will be asked to be in the actual video!!!!!

Below is the download link. Song is free. I can’t wait to see your videos. Have fun!!!!!

P.S. Im tagging people I know can dance! But I know there are a lot more of yall!




Just wanted to let everyone know that I am passing out CDs around Atlanta. Im mostly leaving them at local boutiques and other local shops. Each CD has 2 songs. My entire album can be purchased on  amazon, itunes, google play and almost anywhere else online.


If you see me, SPEAK!!!!